Monthly Archives: June 2012

23:Victory Day Classic Round 3-4

Ray controls the Axis in a game of Classic A&A on May 9th 2012


22: Victory Day Classic round 1-2

We celebrate the Soviet Union kicking the shit out of the guys defending Berlin. Stalin's organs sang in the night air in 1945 forcing a guy with an ugly mustache to blow his brains out. Ray represents the forces of evil in this episode as Mugsy and Dave try to live up to the Glorious Red Army's valiant efforts and painful losses of the Great Patriotic War!

Classic A&A from the 80's is on tap for the next few episodes.


21: Global Round 8

In which a towel is thrown.


20: Global Round 7

Mugsy is still the Axis and we're still playing Global and talking about the Field Marshal Games Convention. Things turn a bit sour for our villain and he has a quiet moment to himself.


19: Global Round 6

Ray and I returned, a week ago, from the Field Marshal Games Convention in Oshawa Ontario and talk about it muchly in this episode at the expense of playing the game, thus the long episode. This is Round 6 of our game of Global Alpha 3 where Mugsy is the asshole Axis.