Monthly Archives: July 2012

27: Victory Day 1942 Rounds 4-5

The final episode from May 9th - Victory Day

We played Axis & Allies 1942 on Randy's gigantic map.

Ray and I were the Axis and Mugzy and Randy were the Allies.


26: Victory Day 1942 Rounds 1-3

I think it's 1-3 it might be 1-2. At any rate the battle begins anew but the same drunken fools are playing it. Randy however is quite sober and a Hell of a player. We played on Randy's Gigantic 1942 map which is bigger than the Global map!

Randy and Mugzy as Allies

Ray and Dave as Axis.


25: Victory Day Classic Round 7

Our last round from the game of Classic from Victory Day 2012. Randy drops the Japanese hammer on Moscow and Ray is bombed out of his mind.


24: Victory Day Classic Rounds 5-6

The action continues from Soviet Victory Day as Ray is no longer ganged up on and Randy (MrMalachiCrunch from shows up and takes over the Generalship of Japan. We also finally hit the Vodka, as if Ray needed it.

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