36: AA41

September 28th, 2012

This game we finished in record time, all in one episode.

Witness the unveiling of the new super dumbed down version of Axis & Allies! 1941 the quest for Axis dominance!

This game we found to be terribly Axis slanted and won't likely play very much. I was the Axis and as you will learn, crushed like crazy. It was fun and fast paced and the new sculpts were pretty cool but not much else was. This game will need serious tweaking to become a playable game.

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35: AA42/2nd Rounds 4-5

September 21st, 2012

Our first foray into the realm of Second Edition of 1942 comes to an end. We are not amused. Rest assured we will give this game another go in the future as we love the map and the new units are cool as shit. Mugzy rolled like a champ to Ray and my's chump but we're not dice whiners so we'll have to give it another shot. On a side note, we played but didn't record a second game that went late into the night and with a few adjustments the Allies won the day. So this game is not broken in our minds.

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34: AA42/2nd Rounds 2-3

September 14th, 2012

Many tanks roll north into the city formerly known as St Petersburg and Mark tells us what exactly is the deal with outdoor vs. hydroponics.

We play the new 42 second edition and we are in round 2 and 3 this week. Mugzy is the Axis and Ray and Dave play the Allies.

@Dictruction on Twitter and check out the blog  dicetruction.blogspot.ca/

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33: AA42/2nd Round 1

September 7th, 2012

Newly arrived Axis And Allies 2nd Edition is played out this episode with Mugzy as the Axis and Ray and Dave as the Allies. Love the new map and sculpts! If you like this podcast do the following:

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5 - Evaluate your life choices because we suck! lol

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