Monthly Archives: October 2012

40: D-Day Rounds 3-6

The action continues fast and heavy as we keep trying to figure out if we're playing this game right. D-Day is the game and this is rounds 3-6.


39: D-Day Rounds 1-2

A few months back I bought D-Day from Mr. Larry Harris himself. Ray, being the old man that he is, has resisted the change of playing a theater level game... Until now! He and I pick on poor Mugzy's Germany. I rolled one's like a champ and may have ruined the game for the future. I have heard that the Germans usually win this game, but after two rounds we're doubting it.


38: AA42.2 Round 2-3

Still no Ray as Mugzy and Dave try to break the new Axis & Allies 42 2nd Edition. Dave is the Axis, Mugzy isn't. From 30 September.


37: AA42.2 Round 1

It's Mugzy (Allies) and I (Axis) in a solo battle as Ray is AWOL this week! We delve back into 2nd Edition 1942 and the results are similar. Listen dear listener, as we revel in the newness of this game, it's goods, and it's not so goods.

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