Monthly Archives: November 2012

45: Global Round 3

Round 3 of the action from 11-November


44: Global 40 Round 2

From Remembrance Day, we're on the big board. Dave as the Axis, Mugzy and Ray as the Allies.

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43: Global 40 Round 1

Remembrance Day

Veterans Day

Armistice Day

Every year the Dicetruction crew gather together in the early hours of 11 November to commemorate the soldiers who fought for our freedoms and to play Axis & Allies. This year it's Global 40 2nd Edition with Ray as the Pacific Allies, Mugzy as the Atlantic Allies and Dave as the Axis.


42: AA42.2 Rounds 3-4

Mugzy and I again with the new 42 Mugzy's the bad guys and I'm the bad guys. No worries folks it's a short episode.


41: AA42.2 rounds 1-2

Just Mugzy and I again trying to see if it's worthwhile playing the 2nd Edition of Spring 1942